Opportunities for Service

Here is a list of opportunities for service… Contact the church office for more information:

CHURCH MINISTRY NEEDS As we begin a new church year (September – August) the following teams are being formed. Please check the team positions you are most interested in:

WELCOME TEAM This team is responsible for the following: greeting people as they arrive (at the outside doors, just inside the auditorium, and directing people to appropriate places – i.e. Sunday Monring Bible Study locations for all ages; restrooms). This team is also responsible for the coffee service which is available between 8:45am and the 9:45am. People are needed to make the coffee, to put out the cups, sweeteners, creamers, and napkins and then putting the supplies away.

USHER TEAM This team is responsible for insuring the bulletins are handed out, that the offering is taken, and that the offering is secured. Usher’s are also responsible for escorting late arrivers to seats, and assisting anyone who might need additional assistance during the service.

BIBLE STUDY TEAM We currently provide Sunday morning Bible Study classes for Preschoolers (birth – 5yrs old); Younger Children (grades 1-3); Older Children (grades 4-6); Students (grades 7-12); and adults. Classes begin at 9:30am and are done by 10:45am. Teachers and leaders are expected to be in their classes no later than 9:15am on Sunday morning. Curriculum and other resources are provided by the church.

AWANA’S TEAM We provide an AWANA’s program (September – May) on Wednesday evenings between 6:15pm – 7:30pm for 3yr olds through 6th graders. Each age group has their own space and we are always in need of more assistance.

WEDNESDAY DINNERS (September – May) The first Wednesday of every month is a potluck style dinner. The remaining Wednesday nights a meal is provided. Help is always appreciated in preparing for the meal and cleaning up after the meal.

WORSHIP TEAM Every Sunday morning our Worship Team leads in singing, Scripture reading, and other activities (baptism; the Lord’s Supper) that enable us to worship together. The Worship Team works with the Pastor in planning which songs to use, which Scriptures to read, assistance for special observances such as Baptisms and the Lord’s Supper. The Worship team also consists of audio-visual people to control the sound mix and show the videos that are used.

SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDIES It is our hope to offer several small group studies in church families homes during October – May (with a break for the Christmas Holidays). We will need: Hosts: people willing to open their homes and provide a place for Bible Study (8-10 individuals) Facilitators: individuals willing to use materials provided in sharing with the group; to lead in praying with the group. Facilitators will meet with the Pastor on a regular basis to insure that materials are appropriate. Care Leaders: Each group needs one person who will keep attendance and insure that people who miss are contacted and reminded that they are loved. (Each group will be responsible for providing child care if needed. Each group can choose to provide snacks at their discretion.)

PRAYER TEAM Three groups: A) Phone team: we are looking for someone to receive and initiate phone calls to those who would like to be called. The last person on the list would call the initiator to insure that the request gets passed on to all. B) Team of Intercessors- individuals who would agree to set aside specific times during the week to pray for needs as identified by Pastor Steve – either via email or written communication. C). Email Prayer Team: Many people now have access to email on their phones. What a great way to spread prayer requests and answers to prayer.

MEN’S MINISTRY We are looking for some one to work along side Pastor Steve in identifying needs and resources to more effectively minister to men of all ages.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD Every year we need assistance in promoting, packaging, and insuring that the shoe boxes are packed appropriately.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY We are looking for individuals who would be willing to identify resources, plan events, and facilitate women’s ministry events.

HOSPITALITY TEAM This team would be responsible for assisting the church in providing dinners for memorial services/funerals; assisting Pastor Steve with wedding preparation; setting up and tearing down after potlucks/banquets and other church dinners.

SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM We need people who would be willing to paste and moderate our FACEBOOK page and assist the Pastor is overseeing the Web Page.




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