We have ten days left in November, and then only one month left in 2016. These next several weeks are often some of the busiest ones in the life of a church, especially as we prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth. Think about using this post to guide your church’s praying for the rest of this month.

Day 1Pray for your church staff and leaders. Pray that all will be holy, passionate, and evangelistic.

Day 2Pray for your church’s small group leaders. Ask God to give them a caring heart, a teaching ability, and a prayerful spirit. Pray they will willingly reproduce themselves and multiply their groups.

Day 3Pray for the children in your church. Pray your church will give them such grounding in the gospel they will always think about Christian faithfulness when confronted with the world’s options.

Day 4Pray for the students in your church. Pray they will be vibrant witnesses in their schools. Ask the Lord to give them strength in temptation. Ask God to raise up a next generation of missionaries from your church.

Day 5Pray for the couples in your church. Lift them up by name, and pray for their marriages. Pray that each husband will love his wife as Christ loves the church (Eph. 5:25). Intercede especially for those couples you know are struggling.

Day 6Pray Ephesians 6:18-20 and Colossians 4:2-4 for ten leaders in your church. Ask God to give them boldness in sharing, clarity in message, and others ready to hear. A few members with a thirst for evangelism can spark an awakening.

Day 7Pray for new believers in your church. Ask the Lord to raise up disciplers for them. If your church does not have any new members, ask God to give your congregation a renewed heart for evangelism.

Day 8Pray for your church to be a Great Commission-minded church. Prayerfully consider committing to interceding for an unreached people group around the world. If your congregation is already going to the nations, pray for more members to go.

Day 9Pray for more laborers in your church (Matt. 9:35-38). Jesus told us to pray that way, so be obedient to His command. You may find you seldom struggle in finding workers when you pray this way.

Day 10Pray for your church’s work during the Christmas season. Ask God to make Himself known in such a powerful way that your members, your community, and the nations see His glory.



10 Days of Simple and Strategic Prayer in Preparation for the Holiday Season


The Day After…

In 1983 ABC aired a made-for-tv movie, The Day After. The premise was to show the reactions of everyday Americans to a nuclear attack. I don’t remember much about the movie, but I do remember a great deal of discussion about whether children should be allowed to watch (my son was just a few months old) and whether it would be too graphic for the average tv viewer.

Today is the day after one of the most contentious and divisive presidential election cycles in recent American history. Donald Trump pulled of a victory that is still reverberating through the mainstream media, the political elite, and the evangelical community. Few experts saw this coming. Many evangelical leaders counseled believers to be stewards of their vote and demonstrate wisdom by either abstaining from the presidential contest or voting for a third-party candidate. At least report some 86% of self-identified evangelicals voted for Trump showing an interesting divide between evangelical leaders and the evangelicals in the pews (or more likely, chairs).

Now that President-Elect Trump begins the transition from businessman, citizen to the highest office in the land we as believers are to continue to pray for those in authority over us. Yes, that includes our current President, Barak Obama. Yes, that includes a multitude of other Democrats (in Oregon a Democratic governor, Kate Brown, won handily) in a variety of state and local offices.

Finally, as we pray let us never forget that our ultimate allegiance is not to an ideology or a country, but to Jesus Christ as Lord to the glory of the Father!