5 ways you can help Louisiana flood survivors

  1. Pray — The thousands of survivors who are homeless and whose homes have sustained damage need your prayers. First responders, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers, church pastors who are giving aid and the many others helping need prayer as well. Also pray that as they serve, Baptist volunteers and chaplains will have opportunities to share the hope of Jesus with flood survivors and those serving alongside them and that many would come to know the Lord.
  2. Donate — Rather than sending items which may or may not be useful to survivors or flood response personnel, send financial assistance which can be used for the most urgent needs at hand. To aid in Southern Baptist Disaster Relief efforts you can donate to the Louisiana Baptist Convention(louisianabaptists.org/donateDR#give) or to the North American Mission Board (donations.namb.net/dr).
  3. Send — While financial donations give disaster officials ultimate flexibility, certain supplies have been requested by Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief leaders. Before sending supplies, visitlouisianabaptists.org and view the “supplies needed” list on thedisaster relief page. There is also a list of locations where supplies can be sent or dropped off. Check with your state Baptist convention office to see if they are collecting items to send to Louisiana to assist with flood relief.
  4. Volunteer — Thousands of homes will need mud-out work before they can be restored and lived in again. If you would like to volunteer to help, visit the Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief page for a list of times and locations where training will take place.
  5. Prepare — Be prepared to serve when future disasters occur. Contact your state Baptist convention for information about when they will be providing Disaster Relief training. Once you become certified, you will be called to serve when immediate needs arise, instead of having to wait to receive training.

July 31

GOOD MORNING! Hope you are planning of joining us today:
9:30am Family Bible Study
11:00 am Morning Worship
12:15pm Quarterly Fellowship Meal
1:00pm Quarterly Business Meeting

Here are the notes for this morning’s message:

The Bible is not simply a random collection of books compiled over thousands of years by a multitude of authors. The Bible is one story, one account of God’s self-revelation which has a plot, which has a structure, which has a beginning and an ending. The culmination of God’s story line is found in the self-revelation of God as Jesus Christ – which is the heartbeat of the gospels and fuels the rest of the NT.

Our church’s motto: God’s Word Transforming God’s World suggests that we live in a world that is not quite what God envisioned when He created it. Though the high point of God’s story is the appearance of Jesus Christ the end of the story is wrapped up in Jesus’ return – His triumphant return which marks the beginning of God’s re-creation, or transformation of the world.

The Biblical record clearly indicates that God works through His people, people like Abraham and Sarah…


  1. Faith is a call to separation

Genesis 12:1–3

The reason for Abraham’s faith is spelled out in vs 10:

For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

  1. Faith is best nurtured in community

One of the insights shared by our author has to do with the faith of Sarah – vs. 11. The main subject of vs. 10 is still the proper noun ‘Abraham’ from vs 8.

  1. Faith looks past the present

Vs 10 and 12 present Abraham and Sarah – and their immediate offspring – as the kind of people whose lives are not dictated by the past or even the present. People of faith are presented in God’s Word as people whose lives are not bound by their past mistakes, their past failures, their past sin but people who look forward, people who live their lives focused on what God is going to do.

July 24

I’ll be praying for you this morning. We are worshiping with our family at Beavercreek Baptist Church in Beavercreek OH, just outside of Dayton. Looking forward to being with you next Sunday as we begin a study of Abraham as recounted in Hebrews 11.


VBS 2016

Well, it’s Friday morning and the building is quiet. We had a wonderful family gathering last evening celebrating the end of our VBS!

Thanks to all who had a hand in helping us this week!

Now, it’s on to camps in August and then back to school….!



Tonight, July 14 is our final night of VBS!

We invite the families to arrive around 8:30pm and watch a video of what the kids have been doing all week. The children will come back into the auditorium around 8:45pm for the final worship rally!

Snacks will be provided!